Winter Styles for Women – Keeping up with your style in winter

Just because it’s so cold outside does not mean that you can not dress up to your level best, look classy, and feel good about yourself. Remember what we wear is a representation of who we are, it helps to bring out our personality. In this article, I am going to talk about winter styles for women.

On those coldest days of winter, when you’re planning to go outside to either run a quick errand or you are going to spend some good time outside (waiting for a bus or walking to school or work), the kind of outfit you wear should be considered carefully. It is important to do a quick clothing check before stepping outside in the cold.

Choosing winter styles for women 

For most people, the first thing that comes to mind is “style”. Most people would prefer something that is warm enough for the cold weather and stylish at the same time.

And for this reason, I’m going to share with you a few tips that can guide you as you choose your winter outfits, or as you prepare to make your purchase for winter clothing.

Tip # 1. Consider layering

Winter styles for women

This is a very important tip, so take note of it twice 🙂

There are usually layers you can incorporate:

  1. The base layer – you’d want to start by wearing a light, long-sleeved base layer next to your skin.
  2. Mid-layer – The next layer/mid-layer would be something wool or polyester (you may choose to put a scarf after this mid-layer).
  3. Outer layer – After the mid-layer, the outer layer comes. This layer is more about blocking the wind and rain. But if it’s not windy or raining, then a regular winter jacket would be good. A regular winter jacket is usually a zippered jacket (it can be a hooded puffer or fur jacket).
  4. Bottom layers  – If you want to layer your bottom outfit, the best way would be to wear tights inside and your regular pants on top.

Tip # 2. How cold are the winters in your area

Winter styles for women - Outfits for very cold winter weather

One thing you wouldn’t want to ever do is to wear winter clothes that are way too warm or too light for the winter in your area. You wouldn’t want to wear extreme winter boots for the -5 degrees weather, even if they are super cute, otherwise, you will sweat in there, and that will make you uncomfortable and that’s how your day will be ruined.

In the same way, you wouldn’t want to wear very light weather boots for the -30 degrees weather, your lovely feet will freeze in there, and your day will be ruined. So, considering how cold the winters are in your area is very important when choosing the kind of outfits you want to get for winter.

Tip # 3. Maintain the style in winter clothing

In as much you’d want to keep yourself warm, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of STYLE. As we already know that our daily dressing speaks volumes to the public. Always remember that as human beings, we have the ability to decide how we want to be perceived in our daily lives. You want to wear a winter jacket or boots that will keep you warm and maintains your sense of style at the same time.

So, wear that flattering winter jacket and those cute boots; feel good, and face the cold weather and the world with confidence!!!

Tip # 4. Consider the Occasion

Winter styles for women - Outfits for special occassionsFor any special events where you don’t want to wear pants, you can wear pantyhose/sheer tights, a short dress or skirt, an inside layer jacket, and a long overcoat or maxi coat (you surely can’t do without a warm, cute overcoat during the freezing winters).

Lastly, wear that short dress with over-the-knee boots. Don’t forget the scarf and hat!!

Tip # 5. Affordability

Winter styles for womenYou don’t always have to own the most expensive clothes for you to look great. There are a lot of stores that sell fairly priced winter outfits that look expensive and classy.




I hope these tips will be of help to you!!

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